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Week 8: Process Post

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For this week’s process post I will discuss changes that I have made to my site since my last process post.

In the second peer review two weeks ago, my peer had mentioned that I should change the menu bar color to be neutral, because it did not match with the colorful image I previously had. However, I wanted to keep the menu color blue so instead I changed the header image to match with the menu bar. It is not a perfect match but it follows a blue color scheme.

I find it challenging to follow a consistent blue color scheme. I changed all the images on my home page to a blue color that is similar to the header image. However, my recent posts on the side of the home page do not follow this color scheme. I do not want to make the images for the recent posts blue, as I like the originals and as mentioned in previous process posts, colors to me signify different emotions and feelings especially in music so I want these images to stay colorful.

I believe I would have to change my theme to fix this problem. I do not want a header image. Initially I would like to have one image that is displayed when someone arrives to my site. There would be a button in the middle which would take users to the blog. This is something I would do after the semester is over. It is difficult to do now but I am trying to work with this theme to get it closer to what I would like. I also think by doing this I may not have to follow a color scheme.

Here is an image of how I want my website’s main page to look like from Oxford Digital.

I would have no options at the top as this site does, but I would have the title placed in the middle and have a button that would take users to the blog. The background would just be an image.

In the next tutorial I will have my website reviewed and hopefully my peer’s suggestions and ideas may help me with my current problems.

I also had to do a bit of coding this week. The headers for my categories and pages were not the same size. I had to go into the CSS and put in a code to fix this. I am also struggling with changing the font. I am able to change my blog name in the left corner and the header title, but for the content on the homepage and on the sidebar I can not change this; I think I may have to code this.

Lastly, I had bolded and capitalized letters on the homepage so it was consistent. I added a featured image to the essay and took out the periods in the title to help with consistency. I have also started to link to other sites more, in my posts.

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