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Remix Assignment

Week 8: Blog Post / Mini Assignment #4

Bruno Mars 24K Magic album cover (Original)

Photo Credit: Atlantic Records

Bruno Mars 24K Magic album cover (Remix)

I decided to remix this album cover since Bruno Mars has recently blessed us with new music. Go listen to his new track with Anderson .Paak called Leave the Door Open, it is a sexy slow jam that everyone needs to listen to! Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak have formed a band that is called Silk Sonic.

Here is a little bit more about Bruno Mars.

Bruno Mars was meant to be a performer, he can keep audiences on their feet. Literally I never sat down when I attended his concert, I also believe he did not take any long breaks but kept performing.

Bruno Mars is an artist that does a bit of everything in terms of genres. He has given us pop, R&B, soul and funk hits. With his dynamic voice and sound, Bruno can create songs that are mood boosters, like Perm, but he can also make listeners emotional with tracks like It Will Rain. Side note: It Will Rain is not on the 24K Magic album but Perm is.

His songs vary in tempos but his upbeat and lively songs are usually considered to be a allegro tempo, and this fast tempo accompanied by lyrics like “Throw some perm on your attitude” ,and “Matter of fact, band, show her how to lay it back!”(from his track Perm on the 24K Magic album), make listeners want to get up and move.

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