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Week 7: Process Post

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In this week’s process post I will discuss the feedback I had received from my classmate in the second peer review. In the feedback from my classmate Kate it was mentioned to make the header image smaller so that more of my content could be seen. I will try to adjust this, but I wonder if this also depends on how zoomed in or out someone’s screen is, because for mine the content appears. However, I will go into WordPress and into the customization settings for the homepage and will try to adjust the header.

Another suggestion was to change the heading color from dark blue to something neutral because the concert image does not match, however blue is an important color for my website and in an earlier process post I had presented the color scheme that I am following. I do agree the concert image does not match. I have been thinking about changing it but liked that it displayed many colors and feelings which represents my music taste. The diversity of colors represents the diversity of my music taste, also colors often invoke different feelings which I feel the image captures.

However I do agree with Kate that the image should match and I think making it blue will make DKT MUSIC to be more memorable and it will be better to do this especially if I decide to create it into a brand. Instead of changing the header color, I will edit the header image to be all blue or I will find another image that works. How I will make this change is I will go into WordPress and click on the customize option on the home page and then I will go to the header settings. I will either replace the image in the header or edit the color of the current image through a different software program or through WordPress.

Lastly in the feedback it was mentioned to use the same family of fonts, I will be working on this as well. I have found difficulties with my theme as it uses a default font that I am unable to change for some sections. As well some of these default fonts do not provide me with the font name. However, I will see how I can change this within my theme as I believe I am using three fonts and will try to get it to two.

These are some of the changes and suggestions that were made in the peer review, and I will be working on changing them this week. In the next process post I will provide a quick update on the changes as I am currently working on them, but this process post explains what changes I will be making and how.

Thank-you to Kate for her feedback and compliments it was very helpful!

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