Peer Review #2

Week 6: Peer Review #2

Screenshot of Kate’s website.

This week I will be reviewing Kate’s website. I love music so I enjoyed looking at her site because it introduced me to new music. I like the design of the cassette tape in the top left corner. However, I would suggest making it larger if her theme allows her to. I suggest this because I notice there is writing on the cassette tape but I can not clearly see it. Or if it is possible for her to make the text on the cassette tape clearer without enlarging the image may be better, as I understand making the image larger could possibly make the page feel imbalanced. Overall I would just suggest playing around with the image to see what works, but I do like that design choice.

A zoomed in screenshot of the cassette tape and title.

I like how she uses two colors for her font which are black and white. I also like how she stays consistent with these two colors. Her typography also looks consistent. I believe she is just using one font, but I think there may be two.

I also like how she has decided to use her whitespace. She has placed videos on the left side of her home page that show what music she listens to. This is a good use of the white space and is a good overall addition to her site as it lets users know what music she is listening to.  

However, another suggestion I would make is to move the “Here are some of my current favorite songs:” closer to the videos, and to possibly bold that text as she has with the rest of text on the home page.

I would also suggest editing “Welcome to my Blog!” She could add the word music before blog just to further indicate what the blog is, however regardless of this change it is still clear that it is a music site.

Overall her site is very easy to navigate as I was able to find everything. I also liked how she has included a search bar.  I like how she has designed her site so far. I am also doing music and I have found it difficult to design my website but I think Kate does a good job of designing hers.

In Travis Gertz article How to survive the digital apocalypse, it discusses that site designs are often repeated or look the same and that this “isn’t a design trend or construction technique (Gertz, 2015, para.4)” but is rather “more systemic than that (Gertz, 2015, para.4).” However, in terms of Kate’s website I think her design is different and that she is not following a repeated look that is seen often.

Here is the link to her site again: http://kateglinnum.ca/blog/

Check out her site to see her music reviews! I know I will!

Link to Travis Gertz article How to survive the digital apocalypse: https://louderthanten.com/coax/design-machines

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