Peer Review #1

Week 4: Peer Review #1

Screenshot of Jonathan’s site, The Market Search. Link to site is below.

For this peer review I will be reviewing Jonathan’s site which is called The Market Search. The link to his site is below. As soon as I had entered his site, I understood right away that his blog is about the market, stocks and news related around that. I understood that it would be about the stock market and Johnathan clearly explains what he will look at exactly in terms of the stock market under his about me section. Since I don’t know much about the stock market it is hard for me to explain exactly what he is going to be doing, but in his about me section he explains it well. That is helpful to someone like me who does not have a lot of knowledge on the stock market. His blog is easy to navigate, I was able to find the blog posts and the process posts.

In terms of his content, Jonathan inserts himself into his blog posts, so I get an understanding of who he is, as he is represented in the posts, which is good. Specifically, in his second blog post he discusses tools he uses and why he uses them regarding his overall topic of the stock market. He presents himself in this content and I can get a sense of his self, which is someone who has interest in the stock market and is very knowledgeable about the subject. He is not just producing information but is also inserting his opinions, which again I think is great as it makes it more interesting.

I also like how he provides links within the posts. This helps to get a better understanding of what he is discussing in the posts and it helps to see the images better. For the design, I do like how it is a darker color, although I don’t know much about stocks, I still think that the color pattern he has chosen fits with his topic.

However, I would recommend getting rid of one of the home options, he has two, and I think it would be better just to have one. In the about me section, he discusses what the page is about which is great, but I would suggest removing the “Blog Post #1” title from that section, and just keeping it “About Me and This Blog.” This reason I suggest this is because it was a bit confusing, as I had thought I was on the blog page. I like his header and title design, along with how the recent posts move by at the top. However, I would suggest instead of having a categories section on the side where all the posts come up plus his actual categories, to instead create drop downs underneath his process posts to organize the posts. This way they can be seen right away. However, if he prefers them on the side that is good to, but I would recommend removing the individual posts like “week 1” from the categories and just to keep it category sections like “mini assignments.” The reason I suggest this is because it is titled as category section and not a post section, also I think it might make it more organized. I also wonder if the recent posts is needed on the side, since all his posts show up on his main page, however I do understand having recent posts on the side makes things a bit easier as well.

After reviewing Jonathan’s site, I can relate it back to the Digital gardens let you cultivate your own little bit of the internet article, because in the reading they discuss the digital gardens to be a quiet space, and a space that people can call their own (Basu, 2020, para.2). As well the reading discusses that the digital gardens is a space that allows the user to focus on something they would like to “cultivate over time (Basu, 2020, para.6).” I think that this is what Jonathan is doing with his site, he is creating something for himself (and yes others), but I think it is something that is for him primarily, and something he will continue to grow and develop.

Overall, I think it’s a great site. His site has even influenced me to make some changes to mine. I liked some of his design features, so I may experiment and make changes to mine. As I mentioned before I don’t know much about the stock market, but his content was easy to understand, so that was great to.

Check out Jonathan’s site, if you have an interest in the stock market. He focuses specifically on the U.S. & Canada.

Link to Jonathan’s site The Market Search: http://themarketsearch.ca/

Link to the article reading: https://www.technologyreview.com/2020/09/03/1007716/digital-gardens-let-you-cultivate-your-own-little-bit-of-the-internet/

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