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Week 5: Process Post

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In this process post I will discuss the critiques and compliments I had received from Jonathan who had peer reviewed my website last week. I will also discuss the design elements I had learned about in this week’s lecture.  


In Jonathan’s peer review he had noted that it would be nice if there was a history which listed all of my previous songs of the week. He had made this suggestion because he thought that it would be helpful to anyone who enjoys the songs and that this would allow them to refer to the songs at anytime. I think this is a great idea. Currently I am working on a side project to create different playlists through Spotify which I will also integrate into this website. As I do that, I will also take Jonathan’s suggestion and add a history of the songs of the week, into that playlist section.  

I appreciate his positive comments on how I have used my space, and how I have categorized everything.

Next he discusses my site content, and he suggests that I should replace admin with my actual name. I also agree with this and have already made this change.

Lastly he discusses my posts. I appreciate his positive comments on how I introduce topics and readings.

However, he noticed some grammar mistakes which was something I had also discussed in my process posts. Due to feeling rushed and overwhelmed with getting content on the site, I had not double-checked my posts as thoroughly as I should have. However, I liked his suggestion of running it through a writing processor next time; as I am often doing a lot of writing, so editing can be challenging. However, I thank him for picking out some of these mistakes as I can go back in and fix them.

Overall, his review of my site was very helpful and informative.

Here is a link to Jonathan’s peer review of my site: http://themarketsearch.ca/process/peer-review-1-dkt-music/


This week in lecture I had learned that there are many ways to improve the design of my website through color, typography, images, and more. However, as many people had mentioned in class the difficulty is not realizing that changes need to be made but in discovering how to make those changes, as WordPress can be difficult to use.

Before I get discuss the prompt and questions for this week, I wanted to provide an update on my design. In previous process posts I had said I wanted to do a blue color scheme but that I had found it difficult to do, however I realized I do have a blue color scheme. The color scheme is a mix of blues, along with black and white (image of color scheme below). I think that my typography choices are good and that I only using about two fonts, maybe three. However, as time goes on I may change this, but currently I think it fits with my website. As for the images, I try to do a dark and light contrast with my process post images, but for everything else it is difficult. For example, with music (as I’ve stated before), I want it to be colorful and diverse because this represents my music taste. Also, it is difficult to create a color scheme through the blog posts because I discuss certain albums and songs, and they may not represent certain colors I am looking for. However, unlike the images the text on my website follows the color scheme of blue and black.

Color Scheme From WordPress.

Now I will discuss the prompt questions for this week and the design elements that I had learned about in this week’s lecture. I will use the clothing store site Garage to answer the process post prompt. As I look at the site, I like how the information is moving from slide to slide. I like how the latest clothing products are shown and how the images are presented. However, I think the text and categories could be enlarged but I think the typography suits the website. The first image could be smaller as someone may not realize that they can scroll down. However, the overall design is done well.

Screenshot of the Garage website.

Link to the Garage website: https://www.garageclothing.com/

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