Creating A Blog Isn’t As Easy As You Think

Week 2: Process Post

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This past week I had set up my blog, and it was not easy. I had a difficult time with WordPress, but I am happy to see my blog slowly coming together. I decided I wanted my menus at the top of the page, on the right side. I did this because people usually read left to right, so I wanted my title to be seen first, followed by the menu options. I decided to categorize my blog into four sections which are, Home, About Me, Blog, and Pub 101. Pub 101 has drop downs for the specific assignments. I thought this layout was very simple and clear.

I’m still working on the main page as I want to fix the font, style, and overall design of it. However, I’ve kept the header of the home page big, as I want to it be inviting and clear about what the website is. I wanted to do a blue color scheme for the blog, which I am working on. As well I wanted my header picture, which is already displayed, to be mostly blue along with a few different colors in it. I wanted the header picture to say a lot about the blog and music, and I think it does. The header picture displays this loud, colorful, and fun spirit, which is exactly how I see music and how I want people to feel when they are on my blog.

In terms of my vision board I had many papers with messy drawings of the layout of the site, and certain design content ideas I wanted. However, I realized I could not stick to my vision board. As I explored WordPress further, I started trying different things to see how my blog would look, and therefore, continued to change my ideas and my vision board. I am still following simple ideas like where I want the menu to be and where I want certain content to be located but as for the overall design and look, I am still figuring it out as I have not narrowed down a focus yet.

However, by the end of the week I hope to narrow down my focus in terms of design and overall look. Although I hope to narrow down a focus, it is difficult as I am struggling with WordPress. The hardest thing for me was setting up my URL as I had issues with it. Currently I am fixing my posts, as I learned that I had to create categories first, so that was another problem I had. Overall, this week I learned how to set up my URL, create posts and categories, along with how to design my blog through WordPress.

I am excited to see how my blog progresses and I hope that WordPress will get easier to use as time goes on.

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