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Week 4: Process Post

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This week I will provide an update on my blog. I will discuss the challenges I have faced so far and what changes I am still hoping to make to my blog. After this discussion, I will also address this week’s reading titled, Digital gardens let you cultivate your own little bit of the internet by Tanya Basu. With the help of the reading I will discuss why my blog space is structured the way it is, along with who my audience is and how this informs my editorial process.

Creating a blog has been more challenging then I thought it would be. I find both the design and writing parts challenging. I thought that the writing would be easy. I love writing, and I love music, but I’ve only written two articles regarding music for SFU’s newspaper The Peak. Since it is a school newspaper, there was a certain structure and guideline that I had to follow. However, with my blog I have more freedom to do anything I want. Although I have the freedom to write whatever I want, as I continue to develop the blog, I will most likely set certain guidelines to follow. Anyways, coming back to the writing difficulty; I find it difficult to write because the content is a mix of creative and professional work. What I mean by this is that the blog is both for fun, but it is also for academic purposes, and possibly even for further work if I pursue a career in the music industry.

This is difficult for me because I spend most of my time doing creative writing. I have been working on a story for a long time now and I think I assumed this blog would be similar in that it would be full of creativity, however I am now realizing it is different as the blog incorporates more than just creative writing. I also think its easier when the writing is either just creative or just professional and academic, rather then it being a mix of both. Another reason I think I am having a problem with the writing is because I have yet to figure out what the tone and voice of the blog should look like. I want it to be interesting and to represent who I am and my opinions and knowledge around music. As I continue to develop the blog, I will find this voice and tone, and will update my progress on what the tone and voice is.

I also find that in the writing for this blog, my sentences are very uneven. However, I think this will improve as I have more time to write for the blog now, so I will re-read my content more than once to ensure it is well done. Prior to this post I was more concerned with the design, however now I will focus on both the writing and design to ensure it is well done.

Next looking at design challenges, I think the biggest challenge I am currently having is how to make my main page better. I feel like it looks dull and boring with its current layout. This week I am looking to re-range how the photos are presented, and hopefully to make them clickable so that they can take the user directly to the content they want to see. I also want to add a song of the week on the side, just to help make the main page look better. Over time I will continue to develop the site and change the main page; I also hope to replace the current pictures with ones I have taken, along with having the DKT MUSIC as label in these images. Other than that, I am happy with the rest of the blog, I like the menu, the drop downs, and how I have organized it overall, along with the pictures, and the headers. However, as I mentioned over time, I will make many design changes as I see fit.

Lastly, I would like to discuss, who the audience is, the editorial process and why I have structured my site the way it is, with the help of Basu’s article on digital gardens. I think the discussion of my challenges prior to this is a good segue, as these challenges also influence why my website is structured the way it is, which affects who my audience is and the editorial process.

In Basu’s article it was discussed that digital gardens are a quiet space that people can call their own (Basu, 2020, para.2); the space does not necessarily cater to connections or feedback (Basu, 2020, para.2). This space focuses on what the user would like to “cultivate over time (Basu, 2020, para.6).” Now this is similar to what I want to do with my site, music has always been my passion and as mentioned in the previous post, one of my dream jobs is to become an A&R Rep. This website is for others but mostly for me to share my understanding of music, and what’s trending and allow me to progress my skills in showing that I understand music and that I can predict and find music or artists that will be successful. Each section in my blog has an importance, for example, the album + song review’s shows my understanding of how a song and album is constructed and what elements are necessary to make it a good album or song. Music trends and artist progression allows me to follow music and artists and explore why they are popular or doing well. Having this skill will allow me to pick up out new artists, that I think will do well and that everyone should listen to. These ideas are also relevant to the other sections in my blog as well.

Similar to the digital gardens my blog is my own space to cultivate and grow, however since I am just starting out feedback is great, but over time I would not want that feedback anymore. Even though it’s my own space, and connections aren’t necessarily apart of the digital gardens, for my blog I would like them to be. I want people to connect to the music and enjoy my site. My audience would be anybody who loves music and wants information on the specific sections I have provided. All of this affects or informs my editorial because over time and right now I’m trying to figure out and build a consistent style of writing, but I’m continuing to do it for me; so this affects my stylistic editing, and since it will be viewed by others and I want it to look professional, it will also affect my fact checking and grammar editing and so forth.

Link to the Digital gardens let you cultivate your own little bit of the internet reading:


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