Week 6: Process Post

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This week I will discuss the process post prompt, which asks what audience I have imagined so far and how that audience has affected my design and editorial decisions.

I have imagined a younger audience possibly between the ages of 15-30 for my blog. I do not think that my blog is gender specific but I believe that a younger demographic may be my target audience. I think this because I post artists and discuss music that is more relevant to this age group. I have imagined an audience that loves music and has different interests in regard to music.

I think this audience affects my design choices because the younger generation is tech savvy and I believe that they often enjoy unique and original styles online. My website follows an older layout and is not necessarily an original style. Throughout this course I am learning how to change this and how to create a unique style and I hope by the end of the term I can say that my website caters more to my target audience. There are many design elements I would like to change but I am learning I may need to change my theme in order to do this or even work with a different program.

The audience has also affected my design and editorial choices through simplicity, meaning I try to keep the blog simple. I have drop downs and I have hyperlinked topics so that it is easy for the users to navigate. I think the younger generation likes fast and easy. I also think my audience would want to see less text so recently in one of my blog posts (New Artist: Giveon), I took out text and added in videos. I intend to continue with this change for my blog posts, however with my process posts I may not as they are more academic.

Lastly, throughout the course I am learning that typography, the color scheme and more should stay consistent and that this will allow audiences to be familiar with your website, so I am also hoping to do that because it acts as branding and I think again young people love to follow brands.

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