Asynchronous Communication & Being Offline

Week 3: Process Post

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This week I will discuss two readings, John Suler’s The Online Disinhibition Effect, and How I Got My Attention Back by Craig Mod. I will also provide an update on how my blog is coming along.

Firstly, I wanted to discuss Suler’s article which discusses the different types of behaviours that take place online. I wanted to focus on his concept of “asynchronicity.” Asynchronicity refers to communication that is asynchronous (Suler, 2004, para.4). This means that people do not have to reply right away when they are online; they are not reacting or interacting in real time (Suler, 2004, para.4). There are many benefits and consequences with asynchronous communication. One benefit is that it gives people more time to respond, and possibly to construct a better response than they would’ve if they had to respond right away.

I am focusing on the concept of asynchronicity because it is something that I do in my daily life, with my online interactions. I am fast when it comes to responding back to emails or texts but sometimes, I take my time before responding to a message because I want to send a thoughtful response back. Personally, I think asynchronous communication is more beneficial, as it allows for more thought out and helpful responses. However, there are cons to this type of communication, as some might need a response right away.

I will respond right away if the question is easy to answer, however if it is not, I will take more time, and this applies to both emails or texts for my personal, work and school life. I like this form of communication because as I said, it gives me more time to think and come up with a response. There have been times in my life where I wished I had more time to come up with a response in real time situations. I also find asynchronicity interesting because this type of communication allows to us separate ourselves from the online world and real life.

As I said there are many pros and cons to this type of communication, I have only discussed a couple but overall, I like it, and engage in it quite often.

Now I’d like to segue into How I Got My Attention Back by Craig Mod. Craig Mod’s article also discusses the online world, but he looks at the differences between being online and offline. In terms of the article and the question of could I be offline for a month? I would say yes. However, school and work may make this challenging, but if I were able to work and go to school without the being online, then I would say yes, I could be offline for a month. I enjoy being offline, I have deleted and deactivated many of my social media accounts except for Instagram and I find myself happier when I am offline. I find it refreshing and as Mod’s article title says, I feel like I have my attention back. I enjoy spending less time online because when I am online there is a lot of information to digest and it can be very distracting and time consuming.

These two articles discuss the online world, and how it is different from being offline and the different behaviours that the online world has brought on. I think the articles relate closely together because behaviours discussed in Suler’s article clearly demonstrate that there is a difference between the online and offline world, and Mod’s article helps empathize the difference between the offline and online world.

Lastly, I would like to provide an update on the progression of my blog. I don’t have any images or maps to provide, but I have altered some decisions from my previous process post. I am no longer trying to create a blue color scheme, as I found that difficult to follow and I also enjoy the mix of colors. As for everything else, my reasoning from the last post is the same for why I have placed certain content in specific places. For example, I had mentioned that the name of my blog is on the left and that the menu options are on the right, because people read left to right. As well I have provided drop downs for my assignments to organize them better, and I will also be creating drop downs for the blog, so that it is also categorized into different sections and is easier to follow. I decided to have PUB 101 as the name for my assignments because I think it makes it clear to any outside viewer (if I get any of those) that, there is a section that is dedicated to my studies, and that these posts are apart of a class.

My blog is going to discuss different aspects of music, and my reasoning for not narrowing it down is because one of my dream jobs is to become an A&R Rep, and this blog is going to demonstrate my knowledge of music and the music industry, trends, my musical skills and discovering new artists, which will all potentially help me get this dream job, but of course there are a lot of other steps to that.  

The Articles:

John Suler’s The Online Disinhibition Effect: http://truecenterpublishing.com/psycyber/disinhibit.html

“How I Got My Attention Back” by Craig Mod: https://www.wired.com/2017/01/how-i-got-my-attention-back/#.djqfcpajo

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