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New Artists is a section in the blog where I will promote new artists by discussing their music and why people should listen to it. Sometimes the New Artist section may even deal with someone who has been in the industry for awhile but is very underrated. How I consider if an artist is “new” depends on the artist specifically; it depends on how much music they have released and how long they have been around. If they been around for a few years and have released a few singles but not an album then I consider them new, but once they release an album I will consider them a new artist for about a year or two.

For my first New Artist review, I will look at Giveon. You may recognize him from my album reviews section, where I discussed his album Take Time.

Giveon is a contemporary R&B artist who had entered the music scene in 2018, by self releasing his debut single Garden Kisses.

Skipping ahead to 2020, Giveon released his debut EP Take Time in March 2020 through Epic Records, and was also featured on Drake’s single Chicago Freestyle. In October 2020, Giveon released another album called When It’s All Said And Done.

Giveon is a contemporary R&B singer, who has a soulful and beautiful baritone voice. His music feels familiar through the R&B sound that he produces but his baritone voice creates a refreshing take on the sound.

Giveon’s lyrics are relatable. If you have experienced heartbreak and loss, then you will want to take a listen to his music. His lyrics are honest and raw; he is not ashamed of his feelings whether they are presenting good or bad intentions.

Take a listen to his track Still Your Best. A song that presents honest lyrics about denial and acceptance.

His music and lyrics are timeless. His baritone voice takes us into the past, but the R&B sound keeps us in the present. However, the combination of the two creates a mixed world with both past and present feelings.

Take a listen to Heartbreak Anniversary. A song that is timeless and presents familiarity from both the past and present through the sound and lyrics.

Giveon is vulnerable in his music and that’s why I think listeners enjoy his sound because they can relate and empathize with him.

Listen to Stuck On You. It is a great song that presents Giveon’s vulnerability. For those of you who are still stuck on someone, this is a great song in which you can empathize with Giveon and relate to his pain.

Giveon is a R&B artist who has a unique voice and sound; he truly is one of a kind. I highly recommend checking out his music! His music is available on Spotify and YouTube.

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