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Au/Ra is an emerging artist that has been on the scene for a few years. In my opinion she is an underrated artist that deserves more attention.

Au/Ra is an alternative pop and electropop artist. Au/Ra had released her first single Concrete Jungle in 2016 and had gained many views worldwide.

She continues to slowly see success with each single she releases. Her other single Panic Room, which was based on mental health problems and is a personal favorite of mine, has also been a success. She also featured on a track by Alan Walker titled Darkside which was a number one single.

Her single Panic Room as mentioned discusses the realities behind mental health and how people live with various mental health problems.

Lyrics like,  “Where all your darkest fears are gonna / Come for you, come for you” and  “You’ll know I wasn’t joking / When you see them too, see them too”, are vulnerable and honest lyrics that allow listeners to empathize with Au/Ra. It is important to note that Au/Ra is only eighteen and at such as young age she has been able to create very meaningful songs which is rare. Take a listen to the song Panic Room.

A personal favorite of mine is her song Outsiders. It takes this dark twist on being different and not conforming to societal norms. Again, for someone so young these songs are so powerful and meaningful. Listen to this song below.

Au/Ra songs range from different tempos like moderato, allegro and more. Her songs display upbeat and lively sounds while presenting emotional and meaningful lyrics. She has a very unique voice, it is deep (but not to deep), and adds to the intensity of her songs.

Checkout Au/Ra on music platforms such as Spotify and YouTube.

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