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Giveon is a R&B artist who had released his debut EP titled Take Time in March 2020. The album consists of seven songs, however if you include the 45 second interlude then it is eight songs. He had later released another album which was called When Its All Said And Done in October 2020. Both albums are categorized as R&B and contemporary R&B music. For this album review I will only focus on Take Time.

Giveon is a new artist who is continuing to rise in the charts and has even secured himself a Grammy nomination. He is nominated for Best R&B Album for the 2021 Grammys. Although I have mixed feelings about the Grammys, this is nomination is well deserved.

Giveon is gifted with a baritone voice; his deep vocals and meaningful lyrics are exactly what made Take Time a masterpiece. The album discusses heartbreak and love. His emotional lyrics such as, “There’s no reason to believe I’ll save us now / But if you really love me, say it now”, in his song Like I Want You, invoke sentimental emotions for the listener. Giveon is not just singing a song; he is telling a story about love and loss and with the help of his mesmerizing deep voice and honest lyrics, listeners are able to feel his pain and empathize.

The tempo for the album and its songs, switches between moderato (moderate) to largo (slowly); the songs are not super slow, but they are not fast either. The soft and slow tempo is perfectly accompanied by the sad lyrics, and Giveon’s soulful voice. The music, the melodies and his usage of the piano chords and playing them slowly and softly in some songs, adds to the pain and feelings he is trying to express; he allows listeners to feel the pain through the music and the lyrics.

The expression “less is more” applies perfectly here because the album only had eight songs and was not long, but the content was amazing. Giveon has demonstrated that he has a beautiful vocal range and had presented his song writing skills to the world and I am forever grateful for this. His take on contemporary R&B music is refreshing and I have never heard anything like it before. He is an artist that will continue to rise and develop his sound and I am excited to see what’s next for him.

My top song picks from the album are Heartbreak Anniversary, Like I Want You and Favorite Mistake. I highly recommend his album Take Time, along with When It’s All Said It Done which I will also review in another post.

Giveon, thank-you for sharing your music with us!

Here are snippets of the songs from Spotify. Head over to Spotify to enjoy the full songs.

From Spotify.

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