Album Review: Imploding The Mirage By The Killers

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This album review is an extended version of the one I had written for The Peak, SFU. It is a more in-depth review of the album however there are repeats from the original. Here is the original: Imploding the Mirage is a whimsical journey through life’s ups and downs

The extended version:

The Killers returned in August 2020 with another alternative rock/pop rock album, Imploding the Mirage. They are known for releasing amazing bops like, “When You Were Young,” “All These Things That I’ve Done,” and of course,“Mr. Brightside.”

The album is similar to their previous work as the tempo switches between moderato to allegro, and the loud drums and guitar can be heard in almost every song. However, don’t let their name or genre confuse you, The Killers can present a very whimsical and dreamy sound. 

Songs like, “When Dreams Run Dry,” will make listeners want to pack their bags and go on an adventure they’ll never forget. The lyrics encourage listeners to think of the time they have left, and to use that time to go on adventures instead of living in sorrow because of the hardships life brings. It is the perfect song to motivate listeners to just do, and to not think about anything else, even “when dreams run dry.” 

The album presents triumph, love, sadness, and everything in-between. “Lighting Fields”, featuring k.d. lang, demonstrates this well: sadness and love can be heard through the chorus with lyrics like “I just wanted to run my fastest and stand beside you in a lightning field of love.” However, the song also contains a triumph that can be heard through the music, which is very upbeat, fast and powerful. 

The Killers are one of the few rare bands that can create an album of ten songs that articulate a wide variety of emotions and sound that can be played in any situation. Lead singer Brandon Flowers’ has a low tenor vocal range, that sounds very raw and is always perfectly accompanied by the delicate playing of the piano and the loud crashing of the drums. 

To all the dreamers who need motivation, this is the album for you. Imploding the Mirage is nothing short of their previous work.

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